Goatskin Hairshirt – out of stock


Goatskin Hairshirt One size fits most.

colour varies and maybe marked, scuffed on leather side.

French from Classical Latin cilicium (from source Old English cilic), coarse covering of Cilician goats’ hair, in LL(Ec), hair shirt from Classical Greek kilikion, garment of goats’ hair, after Kilikia, Cilicia, noted for its goats

Goatskin Hairshirt

one size fits most.

Discomfort level  1

1 – light, more uncomfortable with time

2 – medium, uncomfortable.

3 – High, uncomfortable.


Colour and shape varies and may have marks , scuffs on leather side.

The word cilice derives from the cilicium in Latin  a covering made of goat’s hair from a Roman province in south-east Asia. The reputed first Scriptural use of this exact term is in the Vulgate.

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